Posted on November 24, 2020

About Michael Kazin

Michael Kazin is a historian of politics and social movements – mostly of the United States – and teach history at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I have written five books, co-edited three, and regularly contribute to such newspapers, periodicals, and websites as The New York TimesThe Washington PostThe NationThe American ProspectPolitico,The New Republic, where I have an on-line column.

And I spend a good deal of my time co-editing of Dissent, the magazine of the democratic left founded by Irving Howe in 1954. My fellow co-editor is Michael Walzer, the distinguished political theorist. Check out our excellent website:

I’m married to Beth Horowitz, one of the DC area’s best doctors of internal medicine and have two children—Danny, who lives in New York City and works on political campaigns, and Maia, who attends Stanford. Zoe, our dog, mostly lies around, adorably.

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